Best Free Photoshop Alternatives (Top 5)

For many years, Photoshop has been the industry standard for photographers and graphic designers. It’s not cheap. Their monthly plans Start at around 20 dollars per month, costing you around $240 per year. Thankfully, if you need many of the same features found in Photoshop. There are free Alternatives that you can use to create and edit your images like a pro. In this top 5, I’ll count down the Adobe Photoshop Alternatives for your computer that you can use for free. Let’s get started:

Best Free Photoshop Alternatives

1: Pixlr

This is for those of you looking for a more user-friendly photo editor than those coming up in our video. It’s browser-based, So it can be used in your favorite browser on any operating system without the need to download any software. It supports most of the popular image formats, including PNG, jpeg PSD and many others. Thousands of templates are available to help you get started, along with animation presets to enhance your images.

Also included is a background removal tool to easily erase backgrounds with a single click. When you start out, you have the choice of using Pixlr X or Pixlr E. Pixlr X is their No thus editor for those of you that want to edit a photo quickly and Pixlr E is for those of you needing a larger set of tools for more detailed work.

Both Pixlr X and Pixlr E are at supported and for free includes most of the basic features that most people would ever need. For additional features and an ad-free experience they have plans that start at around five dollars per month. Also, read Best Free AI Tools.

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2: Paint.Net

Its initial release was way back in 2004, as a more advanced alternative of Microsoft Paint and is still updated on a regular basis. It’s improved quite a bit over the years, it includes blending and layer support has tons of filters, special effects, 3D rotate zoom function and plugins created by the community Can be added to enhance the functionality. The user interface is also better looking than it used to be and now has a dark theme built in.

Most of the tools you would ever need are located in the toolbar on the left in the menu bar. At the top you’ll find additional tools and features, including effects to transform Your image. is available for Windows only to get it completely free with the option to donate. It’s available from the developer’s website, which is

Visit Website: www.Paint.Net

3: Krita

It’s a fantastic painting program for digital artists. It’s also a great alternative to photoshop to edit your images. Best of all, it’s completely free and open source with a ton of features. In addition to the basic editing tools there’s many brush customizations and painter’s palette. It also includes masking tools, special effects filter layer management, support transformation tools and works with most of the popular file formats, including Photoshop PSD files.

It has a great looking modern layout with the primary tools on the left. Over on the right is the advanced color selector below that is your layers and a good amount of brush presets. It does have a steep learning curve on the site. You’ll find a handy user manual tutorials and how-tos that will help you out. Krita is available for all three of the major platforms Windows, Mac and Linux. Also, read Best ChatGPT Alternatives.

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4: Photopea

It supports almost any image file type, including raw images and also supports Photoshop PSD files. It’s a web app, so it’ll run in any web browser, and the layout of all those mentioned in this article, most resembles Photoshop. Most of the tools you’d be using are located on the left. In the upper right if you click on learn, it will open a new page with tutorials that will teach you how to use it. While Photopea is free with all the features included. It is AD supported to remove the ads get additional steps in your history and help support the developer you can pay as little as 3.33$ per month.

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This open source photo editing software is So powerful. It could do just about anything that photoshop can with zero Cost to you. It’s 100% completely free. It’s includes Advanced filters and effects color adjustments. The ability to work with layers and it’s compatible with most image file formats Including support for Photoshop PSD files.

Painting tools are also included for digital artists full Alpha Channel support, makes it easy when working with transparent backgrounds and more than 100 plugins are available to expand its capability. When you launch gimp, you’ll notice a large set of tools located in the tool box on the left. On the right is where you can work with layers and access the brushes. At the very top in the menu bar gives you additional tools to manipulate your image, including a good amount of filters for you to play around with.

You have various themes that you can choose from. I prefer using a dark theme. If you want to change the theme, go to edit and select preferences. In the left Pane in and interface select theme. Also, read Best Free Linktree Alternatives

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Which is the best alternative for Photoshop?

GIMP, and Pixlr are one of the best free photoshop alternatives.

What is a Free alternative to Adobe Photoshop?

All these 5 alternatives which mention in the article are free.

Is GIMP as Good as Photoshop?

Gimp photoshop is good for filters and effects to color adjustments. Gimp have various themes that you can choose from. The best one is the dark theme.

Is GIMP totally free?

Yes, Gimp is free software, and it is available for Windows Linux and, macOS.

Does GIMP use a lot of RAM?

The GIMP needs a minimum 11.5-19.5 Mb RAM.

Why Krita is Better than Photoshop?

It’s completely free and open source with a ton of features. There’s a large number of brush customizations and painter’s palette. It also includes special effects filter layer management, masking tools, support transformation tools

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