5 Best Free Linktree Alternatives For Social Media In 2023

Linktree is a great tool for placing links to your other social media handles from Instagram and Tick Tock , LinkedIn or any other platform. However it isn’t perfect. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best linktree alternatives that offer great link placement features within your social media bias.

1. Bio.fm :

Bio.fm is one of the more advanced Linktree alternatives on this list. Essentially, Bio.fm is a Content aggregator tool designed to curate your feeds from different social media platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Spotify.

But it goes beyond standard linking because you can also add survey poles often forms for email collection and even embed GIF is if you have a large footprint on the web and have many different active, social profiles by bio.fm can be a good option. However, it may not be the simplest option for emerging influencers and small businesses features enables you to embed GIF sand survey poles to your bio page provides customizable themes.

2. Campsite.bio

Campsite.bio is quite similar to link tree but it goes the extra mile and giving you some additional customization flexibility for your micro landing page. One of the highlights of Campsite.bio is that it lets you add images to your link buttons. Customization options are also a lot more extensive on Campsite.bio.

It’s also a great tool for customizing your bio page branding by changing color, schemes icons, and fungus features tons of customization options. For your bio page, branding Integrations with popular CRM and email marketing platforms, including MailChimp, detailed reporting for link statistics and insights.

3. Shorby :

Shorby is a biolink tool that provides a mix of most features available with other tools. With Shorby Before you can customize your landing page feed using content from different social networks and even your WordPress post. It also allows you to link to your messenger apps like, WhatsApp Viber telegram, Facebook, Email and also your phone number.

This is great if you want to let your followers contact, you instantly through the link on the profile page. Other than that, Shorby also provides decent customization options with drag and drop interface for editing your buttons, links and thumbnails and themes. It also comes with Google analytics and Facebook pixel integration features. Messenger integration is great for influencers that want their visitors to directly connect with good variety of feed elements to choose from including your YouTube channel, Shopify categories, apple podcasts and social networking links.

4. Tap.bio :

Tap.bio lets you create profile cards to display your Social Links and other elements for your Instagram Link in your profile. What makes Tap.bio is different from linked and it’s Alternatives in that it doesn’t have vertical scroll on its micro landing page instead it shows a single page that can be swipe left or right to access different sections of your car. This allows for a neat uncluttered design where you can include your social media links in one section and embed other elements like YouTube videos and email collection forms and other section and for your theme, you can only add a background image.

So it’s more of a basic solution for influencers. That want a very simple and streamlined. Lincoln bio tool for their Instagram account features, the good distraction free interface supports separate cards for different, linking scenarios integrates with Google analytics and Facebook pixel to measure user interactions.

5. Taplink :

Taplink is a popular free link tree, alternative. It is very similar to link Tree in that. It lets you host a link in the bio page using tap link as your third party platform. However it has tons of great features and supports many different kinds of elements that you can add to your link in the bio page. For instance, tap link allows you to add videos. Images image, carousels and payment links to your landing page. This is great for social media influencers that want to include their video content and music and also receive payments right from the link on the profile page.

It also allows you to add your store products to your landing page. Which means customers can buy products within your link page features supports messenger. Links on your landing page, allowing users to connect with you through WhatsApp Messenger, Skype and other apps.

Direct payment links via stripe PayPal and other popular gateways. Embed your eCommerce store products directly on your link page, integrates with Google analytics and Facebook pixel for audience tracking and re targeting A far more advanced design customization options than link.

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