IndieWeb and the Log Lolla theme

Lately I found myself posting a lot about IndieWeb, and thinking about how useful it could be for the next versions of the Log Lolla theme.

IndieWeb is a set of tools to help you to remove your dependency from social networks. It does not eliminate the social networks but it makes you to be in control. All your content from all networks, and all reactions to your content from anywhere goes to your own blog instead of being scattered across networks, which we know, come and go.

IndieWeb is not yet ready for the prime time and requires a set of plugins to be added to WordPress to make it work; however the feature set it provides is worth a try for Log Lolla — a theme meant for bringing back the joy of blogging, and, to create knowledge from you everyday news consumption and learning activity.

Today the IndieWeb is used, developed, and advocated only by a small number of tech enthusiasts and never hit the mainstream. I think More Themes Baby should help to make it more popular, and spread it to new generations.

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